Advantages of Linen VS Cotton


As a representative of natural fibers, both linen and cotton are popular and widely used in clothing and home textiles. The linen is strong, breathable, and has a good color; cotton is comfortable to wear. Although these two fabrics are similar in many ways, their looks, feelings, and performances are very different.

Cotton fabrics are softer and closer to silk, while linen is stiffer and less flattering than cotton.

When washed and cared for correctly, cotton fabrics will retain their performance for about 3-5 years and then start to show signs of wear.

However, linen fabrics only just starting to come to life after 3 years of use, becoming softer and more comfortable with each wash and not damaging the fabric due to the high moisture absorption rate of linen fibers.


To sum up:

  • Linen fabrics are correctly cared for and can be used for at least 2-3 years longer than cotton.
  • Linen fibers are stronger than cotton fibers
  • Higher moisture absorption
  • Better breathability and heat dissipation, wear linen can make the surface temperature of the skin lower 3-4 ℃ than wearing cotton
  • Environmentally friendly, using less water than cotton in the growing process

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