We are Huiyuan Fabric industry group established in 2006, with 2 menswear companies and a fabric company.

Our company is committed to the development and production of Flax fabrics, with annual export sales of nearly 10 million US dollars per year.


Feature of Linen

Linen is actually no stranger to everyone, as early as the ancient Egyptian period has become a necessary fabric for daily clothing.

The reason why it has become popular for many years as an evergreen in the fashion industry, mainly because it has the following major advantages:

1. Linen fabric has good moisture absorption and moisture conductivity. The normal cotton underwear will almost become a "killer" now, linen underwear can be very perfect to meet the needs of such sports clothing requirements.  

2. Linen fabric also has the ability of anti-static and anti-bacterial, which makes linen fabric not easy to mold, furthermore, linen material is light, breathable, and cool after wearing.

3. The linen material has its own vintage style and can create a very natural and healthy visual sense.


What kind of linen fabric we use?

100% of the linen we use comes from France. The natural climatic conditions of northern France provide a natural geographical advantage for flax cultivation, and the long-term flax production experience has given the region an absolute advantage in terms of quality.

Our advantages:
1. High-quality imported raw materials
2. Suppliers of well-known large fashion companies
3. We can send you a sample
4. We can customize for you


Our Mission:

We take reconstruction, innovation and design as the core competitiveness.

To connect new users, new scenes and new consumption,

and to become the world's most professional first brand of linen fabric area.

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